Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

CrypScrow is an independent peer-to-peer marketplace which serves as a platform where you can trade cryptocurrencies in exchange for fiat money via escrow smart contracts. Trades can be done via several methods such as bank transfers, cash payments or cash deposits, PayPal, Alipay, etc.

CrypScrow charges a 0.70% maker price and 0.30% taker price. The maker price is charged to the one who puts on the offer listing, while the taker price is charged to the person responding to the offer.

These symbols are called “character icons”. They give identity to addresses. A slight change in address will display a different character icon. They are useful in making sure you are sending funds to a correct address. This will reduce the chances of sending funds to an incorrect address.

Using CrypScrow

A change in username is currently not supported.

Offer and trade rates, are prices which are fixed on default, are the reasons buyers and sellers see different price for the same trade. What you see as prices will be what you will receive after CrypScrow fee is deducted.

CrypScrow charges 0.30% for the maker and 0.70% for the taker.

The fee system works like this:

  • When the maker is the seller: Buyer's rate = ([Seller's rate] * (1 + 0.003%) * (1 + 0.007%)
  • When the maker is the buyer: Seller's rate = ([Buyer's rate] * (1 – 0.003%) * (1 – 0.007%)

To keep the system order, you are allowed to have only two active offers per payment means and time. If you go beyond this, any extra offer will be kept on hold.

Manage your wallet

Your wallet on has been fully encrypted on your browser. Like encrypted messages, your wallet is developed to allow your funds to be created offline in your browser. Neither do we nor any of our staffs have access to your funds.

When depositing cryptocurrencies to your wallet, your wallet page is the key. Currency address should be easily fetched via an address. You can use any of the addresses listed on your wallet page. For proper security, we recommend using the “unused” address that can be seen at the top. For each deposits, use new address and dispose old ones.

Digital transactions are generally irreversible. If you send funds to a wrong address, contact the party and wait for them to return it. However, there is a slim chance of retrieving if sent to a wrong address and CrypScrow will not be held liable for this.

There’s a threshold fee at which miners accept fees. If you don’t meet the threshold fee to carry out the transaction, the transaction will time out and the funds will be returned to your wallet. Exercise patience if it’s just been in few hours.


Your messages are as safe as your hidden bunker. Several checks were placed while designing this trade centre. These includes:

  • End-to-end message encryption
  • Messaging forward secrecy
  • Financial forward secrecy
  • Signature system

Put simply, your message is encrypted into your browser. No one, our team inclusive, can read your messages. When viewed from our servers, those messages are bunches of random numbers of matrices. Once you destroy messages keys, the conservation is gone forever.

However certain situations may have one of the parties release the key to our team, only on these occasions can we read your messages.